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Hello friends, today we are going to read some funny riddles …

Majedar Atapata Chatpata Ukhana, Koyda, Puzzle, Riddles

1. What is something you can eat when you feel hungry and drink when you feel thirsty?

Ans: Coconut

2. What is a creature that never sleeps?

Answer: Ant

3. What is it that boys walk by hiding and girls walk by showing them?

Answer: Purse

4. What is it that runs without legs and never comes back?

Answer: Time

5. What is it that always happens to break?

Answer: Record

6. What is the place where we always want defeat instead of victory?

Ans: Flower garland shop

7. What is it that appears green in the morning, black in the afternoon, green in the evening and white at night?

Ans: Cat’s eye

8. May I ask you a question? Show What is the “Uttar”?

Ans: Uttar is one direction

9. What happens if a red stone is thrown into the blue sea?

Ans: The stone will get wet and sink

10. What is it that we take at night but do not take in the morning or afternoon?

Answer: Dinner

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